Social Media

I am active on many Social Media sites. Here, I’ll provide links to each as well as how I use the platform.

Instagram - @SouthernStyleDIY

I am very active on Instagram posting at least once per day. I post in-progress, behind-the-scenes, and finished content here before anywhere else. If you want to see what I am up to right now, check out my feed.

Coming Soon


Twitter - @SouthStyleDIY

While I am not the most frequent tweeter, I am starting to like the platform more and more. Here is where I send immediate information out to receive feedback, get advice from other makers, and see more immediately what is going on with other makers.

Pinterest - @SouthernStyleDIY

I regularly look through Pinterest to get inspiration for my project and share what has helped me along the way. Pinterest is a great place to get whole or pieces of ideas to integrate into your next builds.

Facebook - @SouthernStyleDIY

I repost a good bit of my Instagram content to Facebook. While I am currently not as active on the platform, I am open to post whatever type of content you’d like! Let me know if you love Facebook, want to see more content there, and what you’d like to see.