About me

I enjoy problem solving. More specifically, I enjoy creating unique solutions to problems myself.

I first discovered this as a child building Legos and playing video games. I liked racing and shooting, but I loved platformers like Super Mario 64 where you had to solve a puzzle to get a star. In high school, this evolved to working with computers. In college, I pursued business and began working for a Fortune 500 company shortly after graduation. I had a heavy computer science background as well. This combined with business lead me to financial modeling. For years, I relegated this problem-solving side of myself to financial modeling at work.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon one of the larger makers on YouTube. I was fascinated at how he would solve a problem by building something himself. At the time, my wife and I lived in an apartment. While I was entertained by these videos and the overall maker movement, I did not think this was something I could pursue myself.

Jump forward a couple of years to when my wife and I purchased our house. With the additional space, I realized that I could start doing what I had seen on YouTube. I began to see building and making things myself as a way to solve problems around the house. Further, I found that I had tapped back into the fascination with how things work and are put together.

When we moved, I knew next to nothing about building. Since then, I have learned a tremendous amount, but still have a great deal to learn. Here, I want to show this learning and problem-solving process. All of my build articles will start with the problem that the project will solve and will include any thoughts about what I could have done differently. I would love to hear how you would have done things differently, or if there is a better way.